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Blake: Is Glendale really the 'Vatican of Liberty?'

Blake: Is Glendale really the 'Vatican of Liberty?'

At a 2013 gun-rights rally Dunafon referred to his small (0.6 square miles, 4,200 residents) enclave inside Denver as “the Vatican of liberty.” But it’s looking more like the Vatican and less like liberty now.

By Peter Blake · May 21, 2015 · Comments are Disabled · Business/Economy, Civil Liberties, Featured, Peter Blake, Property rights
Peter Blake

High-stakes wrangling over tourism subsidy continues

Just another fight between Denver and Aurora, which has already grabbed off several Denver medical facilities and is now aiming at the convention business? No doubt that’s part of it, but the Denver hotels have a point. Why should they have to compete for conventions with a huge hotel project that’s getting tax subsidies that they didn’t get?

By Peter Blake · August 8, 2013 · Comments are Disabled · Peter Blake