Adams 12 principals back superintendent against Fox 31 reports

An overwhelming majority of principals in the “Adams 12 Five Star School District” signed on to a letter (pictured below) in a show of support for Superintendent Chris Gdowski.

The vote of confidence for Gdowski came just days after KDVR Fox 31 aired an investigative report claiming the district “hid millions while cutting services” to students.

The report was immediately criticized by conservative radio talk host Mike Rosen, on 850 KOA. Rosen said the report was overwhelmingly one-sided, and in later shows additionally claimed the report started with a conclusion, then worked backwards.

Adams 12 Support From Principals by CompleteColorado

While the letter doesn’t mention the KDVR Fox 31 reports specifically, the timing of the letter, presented at a meeting of the Adams 12 School Board, leaves little doubt that the show of support was intended to relieve any media pressure Gdowski might have been feeling.



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