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Governor Hickenlooper on Mike Rosen Show

Governor Hickenlooper made his monthly appearance on 850 KOA’s Mike Rosen Show this Thursday. Here’s the audio, and we’ll walk you through some important times so you can skip around to what you want to hear.

1:39 Rosen starts to ask Hickenlooper about the recent fracking debate he participated in.

2:23 Hickenlooper says many of the fracking protestors thought Elise Jones was actually too conservative in the debate.

2:45 Hick says Colorado has strictest oil and gas regulations, and those regs are always being tweaked.

3:47 Rosen introduces topic of Hickenlooper’s recent interview with KUSA, Ch 9.

4:35 Hick says he lost his cool but shouldn’t have in 9News interview.

6:10 Rosen says interview was bad form on the part of 9News’ Jace Larson.

7 min mark, some “housekeeping” issues, answering emails and calls from constituents on previous shows

10:43 Email question, Do you really get “points” as a prisoner for being in solitary confinement?

10:56 Hick says that notion has been misreported. Hick then gives lengthy description of Evan Ebel’s time in prison, when Ebel was in ad-seg (administrative segregation, aka solitary), and when Ebel was earning credit to reduce his sentence.

13:07 Hick says Evan Ebel was a fighter, had anger issues, even as a kid. “He just had anger, and hate, and a violent attitude towards life.”

14:00 Rosen asks if Jack Ebel, Evans father and Hickenlooper’s friend, ever asked Hick for help for Evan.

14:05 “No, he would never, he never did ask. And nor would he ever ask.”

14:11 Hick says he didn’t even know when Evan was released.

14:30 Caller asks about drivers licenses for illegal aliens, would this create a way for illegals to get work in the transportation industry?

14:55 Hick says the bill is newly introduced so details are lacking to him at this time.

16:37 Hick says law for drivers to maintain auto insurance is an example of a hard to enforce law.

16:42 Rosen asks Hickenlooper if he has an “inclination – in principle” to see that illegal aliens are provided with driver’s licenses.

16:51 Hick says he does not have an initial leaning on the drivers license bill.

18:00 Caller says last month’s show on Rosen, Hick was full of “I don’t know” answers, hemming and hawwing. Did you figure out your “I don’t knows?” and if you didn’t, how could you sign the various bills that were being discussed?

19:07 Caller asks about the debate over expandable magazines, and enforceability of universal background checks.

19:40 Gov will answer the questions after commercial break.

20:23 Hick starts to answer question about expandable magazines. Says his office ordered law enforcement to “interpret” this in the most “narrow of circumstances,” meaning the owner of a magazine should get the benefit of the doubt.

21:59 Rosen starts to ask about wording in magazine bill that owner of magazine must maintain “continuous possession.”

22:25 Hick admits, “I think that would be very hard to enforce. I’m not gonna argue that. Close to impossible to enforce.”

22:31 Rosen asks, if the bill is so flawed, why sign it?

22:40 “This was not my favorite bill.”

22:47 Hickenlooper starts to theorize on the difference between rural and urban issues for “large capacity magazines.”

24:09 “This is an urban issue that will require some inconvenience from rural people.”

24:34 Now the issue turns to background checks/gun registration.

25:44 “This notion that there’s going to be a centralized database, it’s not gonna happen. The gun shops, the gun dealers, are the ones that are going to keep this information.”

26:00 Rosen says the “hoped for outcome that bad people still won’t get guns” and commit atrocities “is just that, hoped for.”

26:08 Hick counters by saying background checks work.

27:07 Hick says background checks, “…may not have stopped Columbine, may not have stopped, uh, the shooting in Aurora, but it will make the state safer.”

28:00 New caller. Truck driver complains when Colorado hole-punches your drivers license while waiting for a new one, this causes problems especially if you have to cross the border into Canada.

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