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Collection of Colorado-related Boston Marathon coverage

Because we anticipate a great number of stories dealing with Coloradans who were either in attendance at the 117th Boston Marathon, or have stories to relate about what happened in Boston, we’re going to use this page to collect them all in one place, rather than link to each and every one on the front page.

If you have other stories we should add, please email us at

Durango Dad searches for daughter after explosion.

Colorado runners return home after bombing.

Blind Fort Collins runner recounts horror.

Colorado Springs family reacts to explosions.

Aspen runners reportedly safe.

Durangoans breathe a sigh of relief.

Runners from Loveland appear uninjured.

West Slope runners see devastation firsthand.

Puebloans relay their Boston experience

Runners from Colorado talk after the tragedy; Bolder Boulder to be reviewed

Boston Marathon every distance runner’s dream: Dozens of Boulder runners at the 117th

‘Bolder Boulder’ officials and police review security

5 Steamboat residents registered for Boston Marathon.

Reaction from Pikes Peak runners who were in Boston.

Fort Collins finisher reacts.


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