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Hickenlooper pulls in campaign donations from Big Apple

In March, Governor John Hickenlooper received public praise from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg for signing a series of sweeping gun-control bills passed by the Colorado General Assembly.

Also in February or March, Governor Hickenlooper collected just under $23-thousand in campaign cash from donors in New York and Connecticut. The donors identified themselves as residents from such high-profile New York addresses as 5th Avenue, Park Avenue, and Avenue of the Americas.


The data is available from the most recent campaign filings available from the Colorado Secretary of State website.

The donations from the New York and Connecticut areas combine to represent 11% of all contributions received by the Governor for the period from January 1 to March 31 of this year.

That figure dwarfs the next largest area of non-Colorado contributors, those from the Washington DC beltway. In the same reporting period, Hickenlooper received 11 contributions totaling $8,500 from addresses in DC or Maryland. That’s just 4% of the total contributions received.

Donations from NY CT to John Hickenlooper, 1st quarter 2013

A smattering of contributions also came in from places like Texas, California, and New Mexico, but those donations only totaled about 1% each of the overall campaign haul for Hickenlooper in the first quarter of 2013.

Hickenlooper’s signing of all gun control bills passed by this year’s General Assembly has strongly impacted the number of Coloradans who say they view Hickenlooper unfavorably.

The report filed by the “Hickenlooper for Colorado” committee also showed the campaign committee ending the period with just over $400-thousand left on-hand.

For the previous reporting period, one group of donations also stood out, as 17 individuals who identified their employer as Anadarko Energy contributed just under $11-thousand.  In that instance, however, the donations from Anadarko represented roughly half of what the Hickenlooper campaign raised from October to the end of the year.

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