Facebook post asks for friends' ballots if they are not voting

A parent in Douglas County, Sandra Brownrigg, has published a screenshot she took of another person’s Facebook post, in which the author of that post said,

I am asking if some of my friends and also their 18-year old children are voting and if they are not, I am asking them if I could have their ballot ‘to help them’ vote to make it easier for them.

Brownrigg has published her own account of this entire incident on her blog.  Although the Facebook posting deals with the heated school board election in Douglas County, Brownrigg’s post dealt mainly with the issue of voter integrity in all-mail ballot elections.  In her blog, she notes:

…it took the specter of voter fraud to knock me off the fence. Perhaps the author was not actually saying she was going to take her friends’ ballots and vote on their behalf. But they certainly seemed to be endorsing that approach.

icon_blog_noteFor the moment, Brownrigg is not naming the individual who created the Facebook post, but she did tell CompleteColorado.com she intends to file a voting complaint with the local clerk and recorder’s office as well as with the Secretary of State’s office. However, it seems apparent from a number of indicators that the unnamed author of the post is a supporter of the union-backed slate of candidates running for seats to the county’s board of education, all of whom hope to unseat incumbent candidates who have supported the county’s school choice program. The unnamed poster also lives in Douglas County.

Because Brownrigg is declining to name the individual, so is CompleteColorado.com.

As we were investigating the screenshot, we attempted to reach out to the alleged Facebook poster to allow her to tell her side of the story. Attempts to reach this individual by phone and by Facebook email were not successful.  However, when we did contact the individual at her home in Highlands Ranch, the woman told us, “I am not talking to you. This is not a deal. I need to get a lawyer. Goodbye.” She offered no further comment on what “this” was, or why she needed to get a lawyer.

Earlier this month, CompleteColorado.com published an original report showing how orphaned mail ballots could be easily harvested at the mail centers of large apartment complexes.

Note:  Sandra Brownrigg owns the copyright to the photo used in this article and on the front page of CompleteColorado.com.  The photo is used with Brownrigg’s permission.

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