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Scare tactics continue in Hudak recall efforts

UPDATE (original story in full after this pic):  After publishing this story, a reader in the Arvada/Westminster area sent us a picture of this new scare tactic –


In some cases, petition-gathering efforts do pay the signature gatherers for each signature they collect.  In fact, the political left in Colorado relied heavily on paid signature gatherers to put the now-failed Amendment 66 on the ballot.  However, the wording of this sign is a clear attempt to leverage off the NSA scandal and concomitant notions that government treats personal info like they are a mass-media advertiser.


Efforts to scare citizens out of signing petitions in the Evie Hudak recall effort are continuing unabated, even though recent news reports put a spotlight on the underhanded tactic.

Previously, residents in the Arvada/Westminster area of Hudak’s district received door hangers (pictured here) that made broad, unsubstantiated claims that signature gatherers in the area were criminals.  The door hangers also suggested that the signature gatherers would use any information received on the petitions for nefarious purposes.

Now, the same message is circulating, this time as a robocall.

Listen here:

As 9News looked into the door hanger, they contacted an individual linked with the committee sponsoring the door hangers.  That individual was Kathryn Wallace with the “Democracy Defense Fund.”  Wallace told 9News, “If that’s what it takes to stop the recall, I’m supportive.”  The committee responsible for the door hanger is the same one responsible for the robocalls.

The robocall was forwarded to us by local radio host Ken Clark, of 560 The Source.  Clark will be discussing this robocall tonight at 5, or you can find the podcast later here:

Watch the 9News report from October 30 on the door hangers that appeared in the neighborhoods of Hudak’s district:

For those citizens in Hudak’s district who would like to sign the recall petition, a list of sign places and times is here.

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