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Better communication…what relationship can’t use that?

And free Broncos tickets, who couldn’t use some of those?

Better communication between CompleteColorado.com and our readers is one reason why, after 5.5 years of running the website, we’re launching an email service.

We hope to use the email list to send you news summaries, alerts to our original reports, alert you to various upcoming events, and also highlight news and opinion you may have missed.

And we might even have prizes and/or special offers in the email from time to time.


We’d like to kick off the start of this email list by encouraging you to take that leap and sign up.

On December 5, we’ll take all the email addresses that have been entered into our mailing list, and one of those emails will be chosen at random, and the person with that email address will win two tickets to the Denver Broncos versus the San Diego Chargers on Thursday, December 12.  Tickets are for section 520.

Don’t hesitate, kiddos. The email submission form is right here:




Our email privacy policy is here:

All emails submitted to CompleteColorado.com will be held in an email database which only CompleteColorado.com will have access to and use of. CompleteColorado.com will not share or sell any emails submitted to us through our email submission tool. Zip codes are collected in events where email content is tailored to recipients by geography. Subscribers to the email service may opt out at any time using the unsubscribe link/button within any of the emails, or by contacting us directly at CompleteColorado@gmail.com.

Rules of Broncos ticket contest:

All decisions of CompleteColorado.com regarding the giveaway of 2 tickets to the Denver Broncos v. San Diego Chargers on December 12, 2013 are final. Winner will be randomly drawn from emails submitted to CompleteColorado.com up to 5:00 PM December 5, 2013. Winner will be chosen December 6. Winner agrees to accept all taxes, and any other incidental charges that may accompany the tickets. Winner agrees to hold CompleteColorado.com free from any liability arising from personal injury or loss which might occur from use and/or consumption of the prize. CompleteColorado.com is not responsible for any problems which may arise for entries not received because of computer, internet, or email problems.


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