Local outcry raised against Common Core suggested reading material

More pressure is mounting locally on national curriculum guidelines known as “Common Core.”

710 KNUS is airing senate testimony given by a mother, Sarah Colburn, with students in the Adams 12 school district. Coburn reads from a book, “The Bluest Eye,” which she says is included in the suggested reading list from Common Core guides.

icon_blog_noteBelow is the second hour of the Dan Caplis Show on 710 KNUS. Colburn’s interview with Caplis begins at 6:25, and the recording of her testimony can be heard starting at the 14:30 mark (with a small introduction of the audio).  Warning:  The recorded testimony from Colburn includes adult language of a frank sexual nature.

Last week, the Colorado Senate rejected a bill that aimed to slow the implementation of Common Core on a party line vote.

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