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Guest Editorial: Hess for Governor campaign

Editor’s note: this is one in a series of guest op-eds by candidates for Colorado Governor written for  

Dear Colorado,

The good people at Complete Colorado asked me and other gubernatorial candidates to write an article for them and I thank them for the opportunity. I first thought I would write a nice essay using economic arguments to demonstrate my solid understanding of why we are treading water and why government getting out of the way of private entrepreneurs would be best for all of us. I realized that a 700 word limit would not allow me to begin to scratch the surface of what could easily become a lengthy inquiry into the fundamentals of societal wealth.

icon_op_edI then proceeded to begin an essay about justice within society and how justice must be maintained above all else for there to remain any semblance of societal progress. I quickly ran into the aforementioned issue with this topic as well. As I sat here pondering what I could possibly tell the good people of Colorado about me that would encourage them to once again believe in themselves. To show them that they have the power to change our state and the world around us. I realized that I should write exactly what I am thinking.

I want Colorado to succeed. Not just because I live here, but because it matters to me. It matters to all of the people I have talked with online, over the phone, by e-mail, and along the campaign trail. By that sample I can easily tell that it also matters to all of the people I have not yet met that call Colorado home. Being a third party candidate allows me to present a new way of looking at issues that some, perhaps, didn’t understand before or even realize was an option.

When we break down barriers and talk as just regular people a much more honest and open dialogue may be had. I am finding that most people I talk with agree that government has grown too big, interferes too much, and takes from us all far too often. I think we can all agree that a government which cannot manage simple tasks cannot be relied upon for handling far more advanced concepts. A government that doubles cost, triples complexity, and raises taxes for doing so is not a government we, the people, can depend upon.

Colorado didn’t used to take so much from our pockets, interfere with the way we each choose to live our lives, and work so diligently to control commerce. The government we have now is far more than we need and it is costing us money that individuals could be investing in private industry which creates jobs and economic growth. We must trust each other, cooperate, and communicate if we want to succeed in this goal. The days of government solving our worries are ending and a new era of individual responsibility is upon us. The future of Colorado can be bright once again, all we have to do is believe in ourselves.

We must teach government that a crime which has no victim is not a crime. Forcing social conformity through laws and regulations reduces or eliminates real economic prosperity and imbalances the scales of justice. Concepts like patience with one another and tolerance of those we disagree with must be re-introduced to government.

Justice is yet another concept that seems lost on government these days. We should not be passing laws to benefit specific groups or corporations. The idea that government is a vehicle with which to advance an agenda or do good deeds through has done far too much damage. I, for one, do not care to be ruled over by tyrants no matter how benevolent they may seem so I should hardly expect anyone else to be in favor of such a servile existence. Simply put, government needs to be pushed back to the sidelines of life.

I ask you to consider the world of possibilities open to you when you cast off the anchor of fear and doubt that the political interests use to weigh you down and hold you back. We can accomplish so much much more when we embrace liberty. I want you to live free.

Matthew Hess is a Libertarian candidate for Governor of Colorado.


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