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Investigation report: Detective Ryan "very nervous and appeared almost sick to his stomach."

CompleteColorado.com has obtained all investigation reports from the Lakewood Police Department regarding the incident with Denver Police Detective Michael Ryan.

Ryan was ticketed by Lakewood Police for allegedly picking up a prostitute on April 10.

The reports released today by Lakewood Police are heavily redacted.  In one instance, an entire page of interview information is redacted.

One officer stated that as police were beginning their investigation on the scene, Detective Ryan “was very nervous and appeared almost sick to his stomach.”

Additionally, numerous statements within the reports suggest police might have been concerned that Ryan possibly had alcohol on his breath.  One officer stated, “We did not have probable cause to arrest Ryan for driving under the influence of alcohol, but I still felt it was the best option to have Ryan picked up from the scene by a sober responsible party considering the circumstances.”

CompleteColorado.com recently editorialized on why the Ryan incident may be important to other cases in DPD history.

Ryan Arrest Report

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