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Food stamp numbers hold steady in 2014

The number of individuals on food stamps in Colorado still hovers at just over 500,000, and shows no sign of trending up or down.  The newest figures from the Colorado Department of Human Services show the “individual” food stamp usage number has now been over 500,000 for 22 straight months.

The numbers would seem to cast doubt on the breadth of Colorado’s economic recovery from The Great Recession which began in late 2007.

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SNAP update


A recent report from the left-leaning Colorado Fiscal Institute noted that even though Colorado was seeing slight declines in the state’s unemployment rate, “recovery remains slow and inadequate. Following the recession, Colorado experienced 26 months of job loss and has since recovered 101,700 jobs. This job creation has not kept pace with the growth in the population of working age Coloradans, resulting in a high job deficit.”


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