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Obamacare limits work hours for CU students

Earlier this week, the CU-Boulder campus quietly released an announcement regarding the total numbers of hours a student may work in any single week in jobs offered by the University.  Undergrads are now limited to 25 hours of university-provided work per week, and the reason is Obamacare.

From the CU website:

After the enactment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), the campus took the opportunity to examine the number of hours student employees were working per week and has established a policy which sets the maximum number of hours a student employee can work during a bi-weekly pay period.

As the conservative outlet Campus Reform has noted, universities, colleges, vocational and technical schools across the nation have not only been limiting hours worked by college students, but some have also limited hours of other part time employees and adjunct professors.

A screenshot of the CU announcement is below, or can be viewed here.


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