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850 KOA audio: Mayor Hancock, DPD both dispute speculation about East High student protest

Virtually ever since a Denver Police officer was critically injured when hundreds of East High students went on a protest march, there’s been open speculation as to whether it was possible the Denver Police were engaged in some kind of cover up.  In that accident, the driver of a BMW hit a police officer that was in the area of the protest trying to keep the East High students safe.  Within hours, DPD said the cause of the accident was due to the driver having a medical emergency, assumed to be some kind of seizure that could have plausibly been the cause of the driver’s sudden acceleration.  In other words, the speculation has asked whether or not Denver and the police could have hastily misattributed the cause of the car accident to a “medical emergency,” as opposed to the possibility the driver was targeting the cop in sympathy with the anti-police expressions of the students.

Today (Monday, December 15), Denver Police Commander Matthew Murray and Mayor Michael Hancock discussed the theory — and the broader topic of the student protests in general — on 850 KOA’s Mike Rosen Show.

The full audio of Rosen’s show is embedded below.  Commander Murray’s comments begin at about 25:19 of the audio.  Mayor Hancock comes on just slightly after minute 34.

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