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Woman details alleged abuse by Cosby in Denver

On today’s edition of the Craig Silverman Show on 710 KNUS, a woman named Barbara Bowman gave in-depth detail of her allegations of abuse at the hands of comedian Bill Cosby.  Bowman grew up in Golden, and alleges that her abuse by the famed comedian began with acting lessons that were set up and took place in Denver.

Two hours of Silverman’s discussion are embedded below, and are well worth the listen, as Bowman delivered what appeared to be clear recollections that haven’t atrophied with time, and one gets the sense the memories haven’t atrophied because they may have been* so traumatic to Bowman that the details remain vivid.

Silverman, formerly a prosecutor with the Denver District Attorney’s office, has written on these pages about the ongoing Cosby scandal.

(*Given the presumption of innocence, we neither assert nor deny the validity of Bowman’s allegations)



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