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McDaniels escaping scrutiny in #deflategate

All of the questions over “deflategate” this week have been focused on what Bill Belichick or Tom Brady might have known about how 11 of 12 footballs in the AFC Championship game were under inflated.

Through the media hype, however, it seems Patriots offensive coordinator and former Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels has escaped scrutiny.  McDaniels should answer questions in a press conference in the same way Belichick and Brady did previously this week.

In case you’ve forgotten, McDaniels was still with the Patriots when the original “SpyGate” controversy broke, and then was the head coach in Denver when a similar scandal broke out.  McDaniels and the Broncos were each fined $50-K after the Broncos were caught illegally filming a 49ers practice in the run up to a game in London.

Because of McDaniels’ past misconduct, and because he would also be in the line of people who would plausibly have had knowledge of systematic deflation of game balls, he shouldn’t be overlooked or escape questioning by the press, and obviously the NFL.

In case you missed it, this ESPN clip is devastating in critiquing Brady’s honesty in discussing the scandal:

And for a laugh, if you’ve never seen it, here’s how Colorado’s favorite comedy skewered Bill Belichick several years ago:


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