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Dept. of Corrections suffers another short tenure departure

The Department of Corrections has suffered another short tenure high-level management departure.

This January, Parole Director Walt Pesterfield announced his resignation after less than one year on the job. After leaving, Pesterfield accepted a job with McHenry County, Illinois, but took a significant pay cut in the process. Pesterfield’s Colorado DOC salary was $135,00 per year; his new job pays $117,000, a 13 percent pay cut.

In 2013 the Director of Prisons, Mark Flowers, resigned after only four months on the job.

When asked if the Pesterfield resignation represented any difficulties with management or morale, DOC spokeswoman Adrienne Jacobson said, “Clearly what has been demonstrated is a positive post-employment relationship with Mr. Pesterfield. As to Mr. Flowers’ resignation, the Department is quite confident that severing that employment relationship was in the best interest of all involved.”

Jacobson’s reference to the demonstration of a “positive post-employment relationship” refers to the fact that when left a voicemail message for Mr. Pesterfield requesting comment on his departure, he did not respond but apparently alerted DOC staff about the contact and request for comment.

The state has not yet filled the parole director job.

Parole practices came under intense scrutiny after the 2013 slaying of DOC Director Tom Clements by Evan Ebel, a prisoner who had been on parole only a matter of days.

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