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Session ends, but gun magazine debate rages on

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May 6 marks the end of the 2015 legislative session for the Colorado General Assembly.  But even though a much-debated idea of expanding the state’s gun magazine limits never was introduced as a bill in either the Senate or the House, the idea is still making waves.

Senator Chris Holbert has previously indicated he was in the “no compromise” crowd of legislators who would not vote for raising the magazine limit from 15 to 30 if such a bill existed or was introduced.

However, on late Tuesday, Holbert made a remarkable case for compromise — just on a different topic.

As reported by Chalkbeat Colorado, Holbert said in regards to an education testing bill:

…“Do you want to pass a bill that can be actually signed into law or do you want to make a statement? … Understanding the reality of this building and our governor I’m confident that this is the lowest burden of testing we can get to the governor’s desk that he will sign.

“Do you want some or none? That’s our choice,” he concluded.

The remarks set off 630 KHOW radio host Michael Brown, who asked the Senator why he couldn’t apply the same logic to extending the magazine limit to 30, while conservatives and Second Amendment supporters continue to work for a full repeal.  Brown accused Holbert of hypocrisy and being beholden to the non-profit group Rocky Mountain Gun Owners (RMGO) — a group led by Dudley Brown that has vehemently opposed any expansion of the magazine limits that falls short of a full repeal of the 15 round limit signed into law in 2013.  Listen to Brown’s remarks in the audio below.

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