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Jeffco recallers start robocalls

The recall effort in Jefferson County has now hit the robocall phase.

The robocall asks people to sign the petition to initiate a recall election against the school board majority members which, according to the call, “have wasted taxpayer money and are making decisions in secret.” The call then goes on to list times and places where citizens can sign the petition and includes dates for next weekend, July 25 and 26.

Moving so quickly into the campaign expense of issuing robocalls dovetails with the notion that the recall effort needs to submit its petitions quickly.  According to Chalkbeat Colorado, “Organizers want to be on the regular-November ballot and not force a costly special election are pushing to get enough signatures by the end of July.” Complete Colorado reported earlier this month that failure to be on the November regular election ballot would cause a special election that could cost Jeffco taxpayers anywhere from $500,000 to $650,000.

As for the claims in the robocall, the petitioners believe the “wasted taxpayer money” came when the board hired new Superintendent Dan McMinimee. Opponents to the board are claiming that McMinimee was hired for “$80,000 more than nationally-recognized, 12-year Superintendent, Dr. Cindy Stevenson[.]” Complete Colorado analyzed those claims and found that the $80,000 figure is a “a highly misleading, apples-to-oranges comparison.”

With regards to the accusation of “making decisions in secret,” Complete Colorado is unaware of any complaint filed against any member of the Jefferson County School Board which alleges a violation of Colorado’s sunshine laws.


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