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Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains sends message amidst scandal

In the middle of a national scandal, Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountains has a one-word message for the Denver area: Proud.

The following picture was taken yesterday from the Planned Parenthood location near 38th Avenue in the Stapleton area.


The first two undercover videos of Planned Parenthood which ignited a national controversy earlier in the month happened in other parts of the country. But the third and fourth videos released dealt with Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains. The videos allegedly show the discussion of acquiring fetal organs after abortions, and the potential for the sale of those organs.

According to a July 29 article from theĀ Denver Post, “Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains is “certain” it has done nothing illegal and that the accusations made against it by an anti-abortion group that posted an undercover, edited video of a PPRM physician seemingly talking about the sale of fetal parts is false.”

The fourth video, released July 30, shows dissected parts of an aborted fetus.


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