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AUDIO: Gardner discusses Iran deal, Animas River disaster

U.S. Senator Cory Gardner gave an interview with 710 KNUS’s “Kelley and Company” show today, talking about the proposed Iran nuclear deal, and other current topics, including the Animas River contamination. (Full audio of the interview embedded below.)

US Senator Cory Garner - photo by Michael Sandoval
US Senator Cory Garner – photo by Michael Sandoval

Gardner’s previous opposition to the Iran deal has not softened. “I think this is a bad deal for the American people, it’s a bad deal for our allies in the Middle East, and it has bipartisan opposition,” Gardner said.

Host Steve Kelley asked the Senator if he believed the recent defection of support away from the President by Senator Chuck Schumer of New York might sway other Capitol Hill Democrats to do the same.

“Well, I still think there are a number of undecided Democrats on this issue. Now look, this is going to be close. It is no easy task to override a Presidential veto,” Gardner told Kelley. “So, we have 60 votes, we believe, necessary to sustain, to…to at least get this bill to the floor to avoid a filibuster. And, the 67 vote threshold required to overturn a veto, that’s going to be a tough hurdle to overcome.”

Gardner went on to say that the terms of the negotiations “started on the right foot — a nuclear-free Iran — we should have insisted on that.”

Other areas of the conversation, and the corresponding time marker for those points:

  • 8:40 Defunding Planned Parenthood
  • 10:10 Comments on the first Republican debate
  • 12:28 Comments on the EPA, and the hundreds of old or abandoned mines in Colorado
  • While discussing the EPA, Gardner shared his own anecdote about being frustrated with the pace at which the EPA was providing information on the Animas River contamination disaster. Gardner said he was at a Sunday morning “command briefing” at 10 AM (August 9), and the EPA promised the delivery of a risk assessment report later that evening. Gardner said the assessment was not delivered as promised.

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