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CORA request unearths suspicious activity in Mississippi

Credit: Wikimedia Commons user DoxTxob
Credit: Wikimedia Commons user DoxTxob

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Records produced by a Colorado Open Records Act request (CORA) have unearthed recent suspicious activity in Mississippi.

Complete Colorado filed the CORA with the Colorado Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management asking for various emails that contained the words Syria, Syrian refugees, or Paris.

The email embedded and transcribed below shows that officials in Mississippi were concerned after discovering or learning of “what appeared to be overt surveillance activities” on houses of worship within their state.

Due to the recent terrorist activities in France and other locations, we are understandably on a heightened state of awareness. Specifically individuals that appeared to have middle eastern or Arabic descent.  These individuals were videotaping the inside of these facilities during a regularly scheduled worship service. The individuals appeared to be communicating in real time with other individuals during this activity until they were asked to leave. These individuals were not members or appear to be there for legitimate purposes. We are asking if any similar incidents have occurred in your local Area Of Operations (AOR) you advise MSAIC by way of a suspicious activity report (SAR). Please notify us immediately in an effort to protect our state if any additional information is needed please let us know, we are here for you, whenever you need us 24/7.

Mississippi Suspicious Activity Alert

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