Greeley West principal, vice principal and office manager will not return to district after fudging surveys

A Greeley-Evans School District 6 principal and assistant principal are resigning their positions after a district investigation this week revealed the two intentionally administered parent surveys fraudulently.

Shelli Robins
Shelli Robins
John Diebold
John Diebold

According to District 6 spokeswoman Theresa Myers, the district learned last week that Greeley West Principal Shelli Robins was suspected of instructing staff to fill out parent surveys that are used to provide feedback to the district about its schools and staff.

The investigation also found that over the past two years, Robins and Vice Principal John Diebold also filled out and submitted the surveys themselves.

Myers said there is no indication that Robins or Diebold worked together on this, adding that a third employee, school office manager, Jessica Lutz, is also resigning as part of the investigation.

“John insisted that he did this entirely on is own,” Myers said. “There has been some new information presented since the investigation concluded. So we are still doing some investigating, but at this time we have no intention to take action against other staff members.”

Myers said that could change, however.

The district sent a letter home to parents from Superintendent Deirdre Pilch on Thursday to explain the outcome.

Deirdre Pilch
Deirdre Pilch

“These are very serious actions,” Pilch said. “The results of these parent surveys are reported annually to our board of education and our community at large. The return rate and results are also part of the administrator’s evaluation. Intentional misadministration of these surveys is a serious violation of trust and professionalism expected of school administrators. We value the input of parents, and these actions have invalidated what we believed was legitimate parent feedback at Greeley West. … Ms. Robbins and Mr. Diebold will not be returning to Greeley West or District 6. They intend to resign effective at the end of their contract year, June 30, 2016.”

Robins was hired in 2012 as part of a musical chairs game of principals with Adams City High School in Commerce City. Robins left Adams City to swap spots with then West Principal Bryan Wright.

She had more than 20 years of experience including stints at Westminster High School, Adams City, and Kearney Middle School.

Diebold left as principal of Franklin Middle School for West in 2014 when District 6 hired a new principal for Franklin to try to bring it out of years of either Priority Improvement or Turnaround status with the state after years of poor performances on standardized tests.

Jeff Cranson
Jeff Cranson

West Assistant Principal Jeff Cranson has been named acting principal for the remainder of the year. International Baccalaureate Coordinator Amy Zulauf, who had already been selected as assistant principal for next year, will transition immediately.

“I am confident this will provide stability at the school,” Pilch said. “(Cranson) will continue in that role for the remainder of the school year. … The staff at Greeley West will continue doing what is best for your students. Instruction and other activities will go on as planned.”

Parents are asked to contact Kathi VanSoest, director of secondary schools, or Bob Billings, director of student life, or Pilch at (970) 348-6000 if they have any questions.


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