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Overheard at the GOP convention

COLORADO SPRINGS — With more than 5,000 Republicans packed into the World Arena, current and hopeful state and national politicians were primed and ready to take on the Democrats, both in policy and personal. Here are the best of the best, “Overheard at the Colorado GOP Convention.”

Sen. Cory GardnerSen. Cory Gardner –

  • “Great to be back in Colorado, home of the 2016 Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos, and home to Hillary Clinton’s email servers in case you were wondering.”
  • “There will be no Guantanamo Bay detainees coming to Colorado.”

Rep. Ken Buck, 4th CD –

  • “What we see with the Democrats is Bernie Sanders complains he wins all the popular vote and Hillary Clinton gets all the delegates. Sanders believes he should redistribute your money. Well his votes are redistributed, too.”
  • “Hillary Clinton wouldn’t only be the first woman president, she would also be the first president wearing an ankle bracelet, CD4 Ken Buckthe first president with a probation officer sitting outside the oval office and the first president who has to apply to the court for permission to
    travel overseas.”

Rep. Mike Coffman, 6th CD –

  • “We’re not just famous for grass in Colorado, CD6 Mike Coffmanwere famous for grassroots.”
  • “These are the same democrats who got their own people recalled. These are the same democrats who got 12 counties to try to succeed from the state. These are the same democrats who got 55 sheriffs to sue our state.”

Darryl Glenn, U.S. Senate candidate –

  • “We’ve had eight years of hope and change, and all we have left is the change in our pocket.”
  • “I walked out here and saw the teleprompter and thought Barack Obama was here.”
  • “This is not Black America, this is not white America, this is not brown America, this is the United States of America.”
  • “I will take away her pants suit and put her in an orange jump suit” (on Clinton).Glenn headshot
  • “Then we have Santa Claus, who is giving away everything” (on Sanders).
  • “I love the 2nd Amendment. I go to bed with it every night and I wake up with it every morning.”

Walker Stapleton, State Treasurer –

  • “I have this phone for work (holding up a cell phone in one hand), and this phone for my personal business (holding up a second cell phone in the other hand), and I don’t confuse the two. I never have!”
  • “If you think marijuana brought a lot of people to this state, wait until there is free health care.”

Ted Cruz, Presidential candidate –

  • “Hillary Clinton wants to move back into the White House, well I have another type of government housing in mind for her.”
  • “I may not be the sharpest stick, but at least I can take a hint,” (On why his supporters were sporting Bronco-orange T-shirts).
  • “It’s easy to talk about making America great again. You can even print it on a baseball cap.”IMG_0568

Karen Kateline, representative from the Colorado Jewish Republican Coalition –

  • “Most Jews still think FDR is president. (on why most Jewish people are liberals) “But he didn’t do us any favors.”
  • “Tzedakah is Hebrew for charity. It can’t be Tzedakah if the government puts their hand in your pocket to give it to someone else. It can only be Tzedakah if you give it to someone else.”
  • “We meet monthly at the East Side Kosher Deli. Come join us for some Corned Beef, but anyone ordering it on white bread will be kindly escorted out.”

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