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Governor discusses wide-ranging topics on Craig Silverman Show

Craig SilvermanThis past weekend, The Craig Silverman Show on 710 KNUS featured an interview with Governor Hickenlooper, as the governor continues to make himself widely available to the press in promotion of his new book, “The Opposite of Woe.”

Because the interview went longer than usual, because the governor was breaking a years-long silence with Silverman, and because the discussion ranged wider than those topics offered up in the book, we’ve highlighted the interview (embedded below) with some

First, the governor explained how his new marriage to new bride Robin (1:16- 1:40), and why he likes to be called “Hick,” a name he called his own father, but that his own son Teddy calls Hick “Dad.” (4:08 – 6:12)  Craig and Hick discussed the art of throwing a good curve ball and the blood blisters that result.  (6:20 – 8:20)  The governor explained why he selected Craig to break his occasional reluctance to come on talk radio. (9:35 – 12:48)  Craig asked why no mention of Chinook Fund in “The Opposite of Woe” and the governor talked about the Chinook Fund and the cutting room floor (17:20 – 18:59).

As a Clinton supporting super delegate, would an indictment cause Hick to stop supporting Hillary? (19:00 – 20:47). Governor Hickenlooper was asked about granting clemencies of death row inmates on his way out, and how new Lt. Gov Donna Lynn feels about capital punishment (20:48– 24:34), what he knew about the possible involvement of Homaidan al-Turki in the Tom Clements and Nate Leon murders (24:35 – 27:54), and a day before Orlando, the Governor’s thoughts about Islamist threats to big cities (27:55 – 30:16).


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