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Boulder parolee's mother sits on Governor's Corrections Advisory Council

Christopher Lawyer; photo, Boulder County Sheriff's Office
Christopher Lawyer; photo, Boulder County Sheriff’s Office

The mother of a convicted rapist recently released on parole in the Boulder area sits on the Governor’s Community Corrections Advisory Council, according to numerous documents and information sources.

Christopher Edward Lawyer is now on parole after a rape conviction in 2001. His mother is Dianna Lawyer-Brook. It’s unclear at this moment if Lawyer-Brooks’ appointment to the CCAC in 2015 was the original appointment, or a renewal.

The Boulder Daily Camera reports that on Wednesday, September 28, about 200 concerned citizens went to a meeting to get answers from the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office about the parolee, and, “[n]o one from the state parole board attended the meeting, and officials from other agencies in attendance said they could not answer any questions with regard to why Lawyer was released from prison.”

Sources tell Complete Colorado that numerous questions and concerns were directed at the officials, with at least one person addressing whether the parolee’s mother was a governor’s board appointee. But the Camera notes that officials at the meeting only answered questions that were submitted in writing in advance.

The Camera article also notes that Christopher Lawyer is currently living with his mother.

Calls and emails to Ms. Lawyer-Brook, the governor’s office, the Colorado Department of Corrections, and the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office have not yet been returned. We will update this story as soon as any comment is provided.

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Correction: The original version of this article stated, “Many citizens in attendance shouted out questions and comments about whether Lawyer’s mother was in-fact an appointee by the governor to a correctional advisory board.” We have revised that sentence to say, “numerous questions and concerns were directed at the officials, with at least one person addressing whether the parolee’s mother was a governor’s board appointee.” The question may not have come from plural sources; we regret the error.


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