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Guest editorial: Between two flawed candidates, Trump wins on points

If you haven’t voted yet – and you are wondering what to do, let me share a thought. I have written recently in an opinion piece that appeared in the Gazette, that I disagree with Hillary on policy and believe she has committed crimes. But, I have also conveyed a disappointment in Trump’s lack of decorum.donald_trump

In spite of that conundrum, I voted for Trump. How did I do that if I prefer a minimum dignity threshold for public office? I liken it to a wrestling match, where both contenders have sloppy technique, but one wins on points.

So, let’s take a few issues. On the economy, Trump says he will attempt to dethrone crony capitalism and reduce regulations. Hillary would continue her artificial support mechanisms of large businesses (like Ericson, where she exempted them from sanctions in Iran – and they aren’t even US based). And, Hillary says that she will increase regulations.

Related to this is tax policy. Trump states that he will reduce taxes to make us more competitive internationally. This would likely repatriate a trillion dollars or more of investment. Hillary is proposing that we raise taxes at every level. Her policy would stifle creativity, innovation and productivity.

On terrorism Trump says that we should beat the enemy with a smarter more lethal capacity. He believes tough talk, backed by believable action would yield positive results. Hillary believes she should reduce the power, size and scope of the military.

On education Trump is opposed to a federal program like Common Core and says he will promulgate choice. Hillary wants the federal government intruding upon our local school districts with curriculum directives. I have personally seen the benefits of educational choice – it encourages innovation.

On race relations in a contrarian sort of way Trump would have the potential to be much better than Hillary. He could communicate to minorities that he’s out for them as it relates to their upward mobility. Hillary is likely to divide the nation in attempts to garner enlistment of their voting support at the expense of equipping them to improve their lives.

Icon_2016_Guest_EdOn health care Trump says he wants to replace Obamacare’s bureaucratic program with a more competitive market based program. Hillary says she wants to keep what is good about it – not sure what that is.

On foreign policy, Trump might say something that will embarrass us. Hillary has experience in this arena, but it is likely she would continue Obama’s approach – from Iran to Venezuela to Syria and Russia that approach has yielded a more dangerous world. I think Trump would at least start with the question: what is good for America?

On immigration, by the time Trump’s approach gets through Congress it could become more reasonable and more invitational with the rule of law as the foundation. Hillary may continue Obama’s policy, where he has deported the good guys and made it easy on the criminals.

On the federal deficit, Trump says he would try to reduce it. Hillary doesn’t see it as a problem.

On the Supreme Court, Trump would appoint judges who respect the Constitution. Hillary would push for judges who believe the structure and content of the Constitution needs to be changed.

So, even though I have my concerns with Trump, he wins on points. The other contender could permanently damage the Republic.

Barry Farah, CEO and founder of Precocity, LLC., a technology firm, (one of the numerous businesses he founded) and his wife, Tamra (communications director for a non-profit) have lived in Colorado Springs for 22 years. 


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