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Brophy: Trump's desire for legacy will shape his presidency

Can the stars align? Will those who opposed Trump be able to work with him? Think about it; what is it that motivates people? I’m an econ nerd. I think about the things that motivate people to act. What is it that makes people take action?

Incentives matter.

Piers Morgan recently authored an interesting piece; yes, that Piers Morgan. He knows Trump personally and he’s right. Trump will want to be the best president in history. He will want to be mentioned with Washington, Lincoln and Reagan. Aside from an external event, there is only one way to go down as a great president: implement the plan you ran on. So what is that? Well, not what the liberal media tells you, they never understood, most likely on purpose. As Selena Zito wrote, “the media takes Donald literally, but not seriously. His supporters take him seriously, but not literally.”

Pay no attention to ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN, go re-read the Gettysburg Address. No, not the original, the one Trump gave. Tax reform including repatriation, regulatory reform, term limits on Congress, rebuilding our military, building the wall, a crack down on ‘criminal’ illegal aliens and no more immigration from terror prone regions, unleash American energy producers and finally, repeal and replace Obamacare.

If Trump accomplishes most of the items in his contract with America, his list of accomplishments will exceed any president since FDR. He will be able to run for re-election based on a very impressive record and he will win a landslide.

So how about Congress? Can they get along?

Icon_2016_Guest_EdRemember, nothing matters more to a member of congress than getting re-elected. It is their sole focus; it’s more important than sex or money. Re-election is the incentive that drives them all day, every day.

Now that they are in charge with a republican president, the only way they will be able to get re-elected is to make him look good.

Their incentives are in line; they will move quickly and decisively to implement the contract with America. Members of the House have only 19 months to show America that they deserve re-election.

Belive me, they will work like their lives depend on it, because for most of them, their seat is their life.

Greg Brophy is a Republican from Wray, where he formerly served as the elected senator from the first district.


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