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Former Rep. Steve Lebsock: “Ed Perlmutter offered me a job to step down.”

Denver — Ousted State Rep. Steve Lebsock told Karen Kataline during an interview on 600KCOL Wednesday morning that Congressman Ed Perlmutter, D-Colo. offered him a job if he would step down from his elected position in the State House after he was accused of sexual harassment by fellow Representative Faith Winter.

Lebsock was eventually expelled by the House in a 52-9 vote. It was the first time in more than 100 years that a member had been expelled.

Lebsock appeared with Kataline during the 7 a.m. hour on Fox News Radio, where she was guest hosting for Jimmy Lakey.

Lebsock also named Colorado Democrat Chairwoman Morgan Carroll in the plot, Lebsock said Carroll told him:  “Our women’s groups are mobilizing against you.” and  “You’re a smart guy. Don’t retaliate.”

The full audio of the interview can be found here.



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