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House District 50 Rep. Rochelle Galindo steps away from Gov. Jared Polis’ “Colorado for all” goals

GREELEY — House District 50 Rep. Rochelle Galindo, D-Greeley has scheduled a protest just one hour ahead of an upcoming effort to bridge differences and unite Democrat and Republican women in Greeley.

From left, Deb Suniga, Gov. Jared Polis, and Greeley City Councilwoman Stacy Suniga at a celebration in September for Deb’s 50th birthday.

Greeley Democrats Deb Suniga and her wife, Greeley City Councilwoman Stacy Suniga, are hosting the “Greeley Women’s March Day Celebration” at 10 a.m. on Saturday at Lincoln Park, 802 10th Ave., in Greeley, but it’s intentions are in stark contrast to the other Women’s March events scheduled across the country.

The other marches are billed as protests and will focus on anti-Trump and anti-Second Amendment messages, and are expected this year to include anti-border security messages as they pertain to the proposed $5 billion wall that has caused a budget stalemate and led to the longest partial-shutdown of the federal government in U.S. history.

Past marches have featured progressives — both women and men — marching in vagina costumes and protesting conservative messages, but the Suniga’s decided this year they wanted to send a different message in Greeley and Weld County, one of unity and common ground, Deb said.

Rochelle Galindo

“We wanted to go with the values of our newly elected governor who wants a Colorado for all,” Deb said about Democrat Jared Polis. Deb was an event organizer and stumped for Polis during his campaign. “We want to start the conversations with all the city leaders about bridging our community and working together.”

But it appears Galindo, whose built her career on being a gay, Latina woman and campaigned on the same inclusive platform as the Governor, is now turning her back on those ideals and instead wants to divide her community and bring more divisiveness and less tolerance to the district that recently elected her to office.

On Wednesday, she posted an event titled the “Greeley Women’s Resistance March” on her Facebook page that read: “Join us in front of the Weld County Courthouse … Bring your signs, your grievances, and your energy!”

Galindo did not return requests for comment from Complete Colorado.

The Sunigas’ event features guest speakers from both the Democrat and Republican parties that includes everyone from former U.S. House of Representative members to Party and community leaders.

On the Sunigas’ event page Thursday, Stacy clarified some confusion caused by a story in the Greeley Tribune headlined: “To Women’s March or Not to Women’s March: A change of plans.”

Stacy said there was no change of plans, adding they are two separate events and Galindo is not involved in the unity celebration.

“The celebration at 10 a.m. is a bi-partisan event and is designed to celebrate great local women leaders past and present. Women from all sides of the aisle will be speaking,” Stacy’s post read in part. “Kicking off the celebration will be former Colorado Sen. Polly Baca, who was the first Hispanic Woman Senator in Colorado. She and others have wonderful stories to inspire us. This is a celebration, not a protest, so please, no protest signs in the park for the event. Signs that honor our women speakers and promote good causes are welcome.”



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