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Advocate for homeless veterans joins Colorado Springs mayoral race

Juliette Parker, who is proposing a tiny home village for homeless veterans, entered the race for mayor of Colorado Springs. Parker joins candidates Lawrence Martinez, John Suthers and John Pitchford on the general municipal ballot for the April 2, 2019 mail-ballot election. The mayor and three at-large city council members are up for election.

Parker, the daughter of an Army Colonel, moved to Colorado Springs from San Antonio in June, 2017 with her daughter Faith, 15, and son Tristan, 9.

Complete Colorado interviewed Parker as she was participating in the federally-mandate “Point-In Time” count of the homeless in the city.

Mayoral Candidate Juliette Parker interviews homeless woman during federal Point-In-Time count.

She cites deficiencies in the way the city is being run as her chief reason for getting in to the race.

“I learned that our city has more than just a homeless crisis, we have an affordable housing crisis. I felt it was my duty to run for mayor to help solve the problems our current administration is not solving in the best way possible,” said Parker.

Parker also said she has experienced obstacles in trying to get information from the city.

“There is a huge lack of transparency and many of our residents aren’t aware of what’s going on behind the closed doors of the current administration,” said Parker. “It’s frustrating for voters who want to make good, informed decisions. I want to make sure everyone in the city knows what’s going on and has a voice that they know is being listened to.”

While affordable housing and homelessness are her top priority, Parker has other priorities as well.

“Getting our police force up to the numbers we need and bringing in companies that will provide entry and mid-level jobs are two issues at the top of my list,” said Parker. “Fixing our roads, building solid infrastructure, and preparing our city for when our population surpasses Denver’s are things I will be working on as soon as I take office.”


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