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VIDEO: Meet the man behind @MarkUterus

The Twitter handle @MarkUterus is one of the standouts in Colorado political parody. Spawned out of the 2014 U.S. Senate campaign that pitted Democratic incumbent Mark Udall against Republican Cory Gardner, @MarkUterus relentlessly skewered Udall’s near-obsession around women’s reproductive issues throughout the campaign. So singular was his focus on topics such as abortion and birth control that the Denver Post in endorsing Cory Gardner hammered Udall for his “obnoxious one-issue campaign,” calling it “an insult to those he seeks to convince.”

That level of myopia begs to be satirized, so enter @MarkUterus. We now know that the man behind the handle is John Daly, a novelist from Greeley. Daly recently sat down (see video below) with Independence Institute* president Jon Caldara on his public affairs television show, Devil’s Advocate (airs Friday nights at 8:30 on Colorado Public Television) to tell the story of how @MarkUterus came to be, as well as discuss his series of thriller novels, mostly set in a fictional Colorado mountain town.

*Complete Colorado is a project of the Independence Institute



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