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VIDEO: Boulder gun ban update, what does an ‘assault weapon’ look like?

Boulder— Jon Caldara, president of the free market think tank Independence Institute*, and a Boulder, Colorado resident, has publicly proclaimed that he will not comply with Boulder’s recent gun-ban ordinance, which Caldara says is an infringement on his Second Amendment rights.  In a new video (see below), Caldara shows how a simple change in cosmetics turns a commonly owned semi-automatic rifle into an illegal “assault weapon” under Boulder’s loose definition of the term. As part of his resistance, Caldara, along with several other plaintiffs, filed suit against the city, as well as the individual city council member who passed the law.  That case is pending in federal district court.

Previous Complete Colorado coverage of the Boulder ordinance is available here.  Coverage of the resistance to the ban by gun owners and civil liberties advocates is available here.

*Complete Colorado is a project of the Independence Institute



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