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VIDEO: 18th Judicial DA George Brauchler pans “Red Flag” bill

Last year, 18th Judicial District DA George Braucher gave fairly nuanced support to an Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) bill, more commonly known as a “Red Flag” law.  That effort failed.   A version of “Red Flag” is back in the Colorado legislature this year, and Brauchler has come out swinging against it, calling the latest measure “remarkably different, in a negative way.” In fact, about the only nice thing he could find to say about House Bill 1177 is the clause providing legal counsel for the subject of an ERPO, “But that, in and of itself, can’t outweigh the other changes they have made,” said Brauchler.

Brauchler recently sat down with Complete Colorado Editor-in-Chief Mike Krause on the Independence Institute’s* public affairs tv show Devil’s Advocate (airs Friday nights at 8:30 on Colorado Public Television) to talk about the many problems with the bill, and what might be done to address persons in mental health crisis instead of simply seizing their guns.  That video is below and is well worth the time.

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