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VIDEO: Is the Dem majority overreaching?

Controversial bills are pouring out of the Democrat-controlled Colorado legislature; “Red Flag” gun confiscation, National Popular Vote, sex-ed mandates, death penalty repeal, oil and gas regulation, and work-arounds to the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, among others.  The hits just keep coming.

So are Democrats just doing what voters gave them a majority to do, or is this legislative overreach; too much, too far, and too fast?

Democratic political consultant Miller Hudson and GOP communications strategist Roger Hudson recently sat down with Jon Caldara on his public affairs tv show, Devil’s Advocate (airs Friday nights at 8:30 on Colorado Public Television) to bat that question around.

“People who say they are going too far think it might handicap them when they run for reelection,” notes Miller.  “I don’t think this bunch down there is thinking about reelection right now; the door to opportunity is open, and they’ve stepped through it.”

“We went from proposing a piece of legislation, to going to committee, to public testimony, to moving out of committee, to the Senate floor within 48 hours for a bill to repeal the death penalty in Colorado…who does that,” remarked Roger.  “We didn’t even get testimony from victims; the Democrats didn’t get victims to testify.”

The entire conversation is available in the video below, and well worth the time.



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