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Monson: Come and ‘Stand for Colorado’ this Friday on west steps of the Capitol

The veil is off and many hardworking, everyday Coloradans are very concerned about the direction of our state. Individuals across the political spectrum, Democrat, Unaffiliated, Libertarians & Republicans are shocked at the cavalier actions of the 2019 Colorado House of Representatives, Colorado Senate, Colorado Governor and other elected officials. I’ve heard suburban women say that they thought that Democrats cared about them, however after watching the treatment of moms, dads, families and workers, they no longer believe that Democrats at the Capitol have their best interests in mind.

It is time for individuals who support the Colorado Constitution, the U.S. Constitution and believe in freedom of thought, private property rights, parental choice, economic well-being, good jobs and want a smaller, less intrusive & less oppressive government, to come together to STAND FOR COLORADO.

State legislators and the governor are passing legislation, rules and regulations that make it more difficult and more expensive for everyday Coloradans to live in our state, promote radical agendas that will turn Colorado into a welfare state and that will cause companies to leave Colorado, which will place a financial burden on all of us.

We chose Friday, May 10 to bring Coloradans together to send a message to the out of control politicians, bureaucrats and governor that we are watching, we care and we are concerned about our state. It’s the same day Governor Polis will deliver his “State of the State” address touting all the legislation, rules and regulations that this State House, State Senate and Governor have proposed, passed and are implementing.

If you are concerned about our state, our well-being, our personal prosperity, our opportunity to live our lives as we see fit, then join us Friday, May 10 on the west steps of the Capitol from 4:00-5:30. Concurrent rallies are scheduled in Grand Junction, Gunnison, Alamosa, Woodland Park, and Montrose.

I know that people don’t normally do rallies. Reasons to not attend range from, “Parking is such a challenge.” “I’m too busy.” And “the traffic is awful.” I totally understand! However, on one of my radio shows, I’ve had the great honor to interview over 100 WWII Veterans. My response to the above reasons to not attend STAND FOR COLORADO is if these young men could strap on their boots, pick up their guns and travel to countries they had never heard of to stand against the two great evils of WWII, then we can plan ahead regarding traffic, parking and schedules to do a small thing; STAND FOR COLORADO.

We have a stellar list of speakers who will each give a three minute speech regarding legislation proposed or passed this last session. It will be a bit like speed dating, however it will be speed issues. We promise that you will learn a lot, meet some new friends and make a statement that we STAND FOR COLORADO. Check out for all the details and the list of speakers. See you Friday! Be there or be square!

Kim Monson is host of the The Americhicks radio show on KLZ 56o AM.



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