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Investigation against former State Representative Galindo continues

GREELEY — Greeley Police Sgt. Joe Tymkowych says an investigation into a former state legislator continues.

Tymkowych told Complete Colorado that some of the reports concerning former House District 50 Democrat Rep. Rochelle Galindo are inaccurate.

Galindo stepped down abruptly on Sunday, while saying accusations against her were false. Galindo didn’t elaborate on what those accusations were; however, CBS 4 reporter Shaun Boyd Tweeted those allegations involved sexual assault.

Rochelle Galindo

Since Sunday, reports have circulated across statewide media outlets that claimed a Greeley Police Department spokesperson said the police department would not be pursuing charges.

Tymkowych said he does not know where the information came from, adding it is incorrect. He said the official remarks from the police department have been the same to all members of the media, which as of Tuesday, according to Tymkowych, were:

  • There is an active ongoing investigation against Rochelle Galindo.
  • There are still several reports the police need to gather.
  • There have been no decisions made by the police department in regard to the accusations.
  • When the investigation is complete, police will determine whether to recommend charges to the Weld County District Attorney’s office. At that time, the report may be released to the public. But it will be redacted.

However, if the District Attorney decides to press charges, he can ask a judge to seal the report.

Complete Colorado has also contacted the Boulder Valley School District, where Galindo works as a custodian. Randy Barber, Chief Communications Officer for the district, said Galindo has been on personal leave from the district since January when the legislative session began.

He said she remains on personal leave.

He confirmed that if Galindo is charged with a crime, BVSD has rules in place that will be implemented. She would likely be placed on administrative leave pending the outcome, he said.


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