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Columbine survivor takes on new role as communications director for school safety organization

DENVER — A Columbine High School shooting survivor and outspoken advocate for increased school security, including trained and armed school staff, has been named the communications director of Bullets Both Ways, an organization dedicated to increased security and protection in schools and churches.

Evan Todd

Evan Todd, who was the last person to speak to the two teenage shooters  who murdered 12 classmates and one teacher, and wounded numerous others, in April 1999, said the appointment reinforces his desire to help keep school children safe and secure in their schools.

“Bullets Both Ways is building a community of those people and helping provide the tools and resources that people need to accomplish those goals,” Todd said in a news release. “It’s an honor to be a part of Bullets Both Ways. I cannot wait to help grow this community.”

Bullets Both Ways was started in 2018 and includes a nonprofit arm Angel Shield, which supports and provides protection and mental health resources to schools, churches and communities across America.

Todd told Complete Colorado that this is the career of a lifetime for him, as he has been advocating for increased school security, including arming teachers, since surviving the Columbine tragedy.

“It really changed my perspective,” Todd said. “Within 6 months after the tragedy, I was asking how we change. Very early on, I wanted to educate myself in how to get people to live better lives so they didn’t go down the trail as those two.”

Todd’s main role will be to help communities recognize threats, take precautions to avoid the worst-case scenarios, and as a last resort to equip individuals so that they are ready if or when the unthinkable happens, the release said.

Todd previously has worked with churches, schools, businesses, police departments, local governments and other organizations to develop programs that identify and intervene with at risk individuals.

“We couldn’t be more pleased to have Evan join us,” said Aaron Boyd, Founder and CEO of Bullets Both Ways. “With his past experience, skill set and heart for protecting our schools and churches, he is going to be an excellent asset and overall ambassador for our team. We are in the business of helping to save lives and Evan will only strengthen our capabilities.”

Todd will begin immediately raising money for Angel Shield, to provide services, products and grants to schools and churches to provide safe and secure environments.

“This is a very personal mission for me,” Todd said. “Going through Columbine and surviving is something that I care deeply about. I am looking forward to doing a lot of good with this organization. This was a natural fit. I am really excited to grow this into a brand that can help a lot of people.”


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