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Rep. Perry Buck officially kicks off campaign for Weld County Commissioner

WINDSOR — Rep. Perry Buck will hold a kick off celebration on Thursday in Erie to officially announce her candidacy for Weld County Commissioner at-large.

Buck, a Republican, has represented House District 49 in the General Assembly for the past seven years. She is term limited after the 2020 session. She said this feels like the most natural next step for her.

Perry Buck

“I feel like I’m coming home,” Buck said. “Being a third generation Weld County native, it just excites me to support the people at home that I truly love.”

There are three seats up for election on the Board of Weld County Commissioners in 2020. Buck is running for an at-large vacancy that is currently held by Sean Conway, who is term-limited. Buck is the first to announce her intentions for that seat.

District 3, which is currently held by Barbara Kirkmeyer, is also vacant as Kirkmeyer is term-limited as well. Former Fort Lupton Mayor Tommy Holton, a Republican, has announced his intent to run for that seat.

And District 1, which is currently held by Mike Freeman, is also up for grabs. Freeman, a Republican, has announced his intention to seek re-election. Two other Republicans have announced their intent to challenge Freeman in a primary: Windsor Mayor Kristie Melendez and Greeley resident Bill Gillard.

No Democrats have announced for any available seat. Other Weld officials including Republican House members Lori Saine and Steve Humphrey, Republican Sen. Vicki Marble and commissioners Kirkmeyer and Conway remain silent on their intentions for 2020 — they are all term-limited in their current seats.

Buck said she plans to enter this office with no agenda, except to fight for Weld residents, just as she did in the House,

“It’s not about my personal agenda,” she said. “It’s about listening to the people of Weld County and standing beside them. That is how I operate.”

She said Weld County has a culture that needs to be protected and defended and she’s up to the challenge.

“The challenge will be to let those legislators know Weld County is not Boulder and Weld County is not Denver,” she said. “I know how it works down there, and you have to let it be known our transportation needs as well as oil and gas and push it. I will continue to beat that drum for Weld County.”

Buck said it will be a simple announcement party with cookies and lemonade, but she wants as many supporters as possible to celebrate the day.

The kick off will be Thursday at 11 a.m., at the home of Scott and Jan DeLouise, 2480 Cessna Drive, Erie.

“I’d love to have everyone come out and support me,” Buck said.


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