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National Popular Vote opponents turn in over 227,000 signatures towards repeal referendum

DENVER–Proponents of a repeal referendum of the National Popular Vote (NPV) today turned in to the Secretary of State what they say is over 227,000 signatures towards that effort.

Mesa County Commissioner Rose Pugliese and Monument Mayor Don Wilson launched the repeal effort shortly after the Democrat-controlled Colorado legislature passed, and Governor Polis signed a bill that would add Colorado to a compact among states pledging all the member states’ Electoral College votes to the winner of an unofficial national popular vote for president. The compact goes in to effect if enough states to sign on to the pledge so that the Electoral votes add up to the 270 needed to elect a president.

Rose Pugliese & Don
Wilson w/signatures

Critics contend it would take away the decisions of Colorado’s voters and put it in the hands of Californians and voters in large coastal cities instead.

The bill’s absence of a “safety clause,” which prevents a referendum asking voters to overturn legislation, opened the door to the repeal effort.

To put the measure on the ballot requires 124,632 valid signatures from registered voters.  The repeal proponents previously stated they were going for at least 200,000 signatures to ensure a cushion for any signatures invalidated by the Secretary of State. They exceeded that goal significantly, turning in more than 227, 161 signatures, according to Pugliese.

“This is a historic grassroots movement, with the most signatures obtained by grassroots volunteers in Colorado’s history,” Pugliese told Complete Colorado, as the last of the boxes of petition booklets was wheeled into the Secretary of State’s offices.

The Secretary of State now has 30 days to certify that enough valid signatures were gathered, and if voters will get to decide in 2020 whether to overturn the NPV legislation.

“This is not a partisan thing,” Wilson previously told Complete Colorado. “This is about the independence of Colorado as a state in our union. We look forward to our voters having our say in what goes on in Colorado.”


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