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Additional information released in Greeley musician’s death; timeline of events document up-to-date progress

GREELEY — The Weld County Sheriff’s Office has announced the murders of two Greeley residents will be prosecuted in Weld County.

Scott Sessions playing his trumpet at a blues festival and compeition recently in Memphis, Tenn.

Kevin Dean Eastman, 48, was initially arrested by the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office on charges of 1st Degree Murder (a class1 felony), Tampering with a Deceased Human Body (class 3 felony) and an outstanding warrant from the Denver Police Department, which according to the booking report is for 3rd-degree assault.

He was arrested in connection with the death of 53-year-old Greeley musician Stanley Scott Sessions. Sessions was found dead near Old Flowers and Pingree Park roads in Bellvue, northwest of Fort Collins on Feb. 10. Sessions had not been seen since Feb. 8th when he told others he was going to Fort Collins to see a friend.

Nearly a week after Sessions’ body was discovered, 48-year-old Greeley resident Heather Frank was found dead at a home east of Greeley, just off U.S. 34 in Kersey. It is unknown why Frank was at that location, or how long she had been dead.

Frank’s body was found while Weld County Sheriff deputies were assisting Larimer County Sheriff deputies execute a search warrant at the home in conjunction with the Sessions’ case.

The cause and manner of Sessions’ and Frank’s death are not being released at this time because of ongoing investigations.

Kevin Eastman

On Thursday, the Weld County Sheriff’s Office announced it had arrested and booked Eastman into the Weld County Jail on suspicion of two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of tampering with a deceased human body.

Eastman is scheduled to appear at 1:30 p.m. in Division 16 of the Weld County courts on Tuesday, Feb. 25th for a bond hearing.

It also announced that both cases will be prosecuted in the 19th Judicial District in Greeley. Once Weld County District Attorney Michael Rourke files formal charges against the man accused in the murders, Larimer County will drop its charges, a news release said.

Heather Frank

The release included some additional details about the deaths, including that Sessions’ body was found by a snowplow driver off a desolate road. It also revealed that Eastman was arrested at a gas station in Kersey, and the warrant on suspicion of first-degree murder against Frank at the time of her death was for the murder of Sessions.

There is no additional information available about how the trio knew each other; however, public records connect Frank, Eastman and Sessions in some capacity.

Because the case will remain under investigation for an indefinite period and information is likely to be released periodically, the complexity of the case has left more questions than answers for friends and family.

Complete Colorado plans to follow the case through its entirety. Based on the actions of law enforcement, news releases, public records and friends and family reports, here is what is known:

  • Frank and Eastman were both listed as residents in an apartment in Greeley.
  • Eastman’s Facebook page, which is under the name Kevin Quintana, lists him in a relationship with Frank since 2018.
  • Although there is little information available about the connection between Sessions and Frank, they also appeared to have known each other as they were connected through social media.
  • Colorado District Courts handle many types of cases, but among them are criminal cases that are classified as “general jurisdiction” cases.
    • General jurisdiction cases are defined as cases that arise within a specific geographic area.
    • Although not officially confirmed, based on state laws defining a specific set of legal procedures for Colorado, Sessions’ case was moved from Larimer County and the 8th Judicial District to Weld County and the 19th Judicial District because despite his body being found in Larimer County, the crime against Sessions was likely committed in Weld County.

The following is a timeline of events to date:

  • February 8 —
    • Sessions tells friends he’s going to Fort Collins to see a friend.
  • February 10 —
    • At about 9:30 a.m. Larimer County Sheriff’s deputies find an unidentified body near Old Flowers and Pingree Park roads in the Poudre Canyon, near Bellvue, which is northwest of Fort Collins.
    • Sessions fails to show for a gig with George Gray and the Elvis Experience Band.
  • February 11 —
    • Gray and Sessions’ father go to Sessions’ house and see he has not been home in a few days. Sessions is reported missing.
    • The Larimer County Sheriff’s Office sends out a news release about the body they found the day before, adding there is no threat to the public.
  • February 12 —
    • The Larimer County Sheriff’s Office confirms the body found on the 10th as that of Sessions.
  • February 16 —
    • The Weld County Sheriff’s Office and the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office execute a search warrant at 26712 WCR 45 in Kersey. The warrant was in connection to Sessions’ death. By this time, Eastman and Frank had warrants out for their arrest in connection with Session’s death.
    • The exact date the warrants were issued on Eastman and Frank is unknown.
    • How they became suspects is unknown.
    • Eastman is arrested in connection with Sessions’ death.
    • Sheriff’s deputies discovered a body at the Kersey home, located just off US Hwy 34 east of Greeley.
  • February 17 —
    • The Weld County Sheriff’s Office announces the discovery of a body found the day earlier at the home in Kersey, adding there is no threat to the public.
    • The Larimer County Sheriff’s Office announces the arrest of Eastman.
  • February 18 —
    • The Weld County Sheriff’s Office announces the body found in Kersey is Frank.
  • February 20 —
    • Weld County Sheriff deputies arrest and book Eastman on two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of tampering with a deceased human body in connection with the deaths of Sessions and Frank.

A memorial and celebration of Sessions’ life will be held from 4-8 p.m. on March 28 at Journey Christian Church, 4754 W 31st St, Greeley.




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