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Toto: Seven movies Hollywood wouldn’t make, but should

Nick Searcy is on a mission, one above and beyond trolling liberals from his Twitter perch.

The actor/director is part of a new effort to make movies that don’t insult people of faith or those who proudly call themselves Americans.

Searcy is helping raise money for American Pictures, a company hoping to tell stories for Heartland audiences.

That likely means no stories celebrating disgraced journalists, like Robert Redford’s “Truth,” or paeans to socialist icons (“The Motorcycle Diaries,” “Che”).

Instead, Searcy and co. want to share the true story behind the Revolutionary War’s Battle of Kings Mountain and a ‘60s era gospel quartet. Both capture elements of the American spirit in ways that could be both cinematic and inspiring.

Searcy told this reporter he’d like to turn elements of the 2015 documentary “Chuck Norris Vs. Communism” into a narrative feature. That film detailed how smuggled VHS copies of American action movies played a role in overturning Romania’s Communist system in the late 1980s.

We’ll have to wait and see how successful the venture proves. For now, let’s consider some other real-life stories that could be fine film fodder, stories of consequence that liberal producers would never, ever greenlight.

Flynn” – The saga of Michael Flynn, a 33-year Army veteran who was apparently framed by the FBI. as part of the RussianGate conspiracy hoax, packs all the trappings of a blockbuster. War. Adventure. Deceit. Donald Trump. The ending remains in flux, but few recent biopics can match the human drama Flynn endured in recent months.

Chavez and After” – The story of Venezuela’s shocking decline starts with former President Hugo Chavez. That’s just the prologue to socialism’s inevitable decay. The story could focus on both the political chicanery following Chavez’s death and the hardscrabble citizens learning to survive under brutal conditions. They’re the real heroes of this nightmare.

For You, Kate” – Kate Steinle became a symbol of what open border policies can cost us. Illegal immigrant José Inez García Zárate shot and killed Steinle, 32, while she was walking with her father and a friend. A jury found the immigrant innocent of murder, but the story spotlighted the worst-case scenarios from Sanctuary City policies.

RussiaGate” – We don’t all the details of this massive political scandal, but there’s enough information already to form a powerful narrative. We’ve seen pop culture mock President Donald Trump for the past three years. What if they saw him as he really is, a flawed, larger-than-life soul hounded by enemies who thought they could get away with anything?

Rush Nation” – John Cusack was once lined up to play El Rushbo, but thankfully that project never came to fruition. Still, the life and times of radio’s biggest star packs plenty of drama. His early years toiling for the Kansas City Royals offer the prototypical humble roots portrait. Later, his radio show became a political force with few equals. And, at the very height of his powers, he battled both drug addiction and the loss of his hearing. Yes, a radio superstar went deaf but didn’t slow a beat. Love him or hate him, that’s an amazing story.

Breitbart Was Here” The bombastic life and tragic death of a media mogul is tailor made for the big screen. You’d need an actor brimming with charisma to bring Breitbart to life, but the rise of the Internet gadfly would be more than worth it.

Evergreen” – Why would a group of students demand the resignation of a gentle, liberal professor like Bret Weinstein? He dared to disagree with the social justice groupthink infecting the campus, a move that sealed his fate. Weinstein’s nightmare gave “No Safe Spaces” one of its most provocative sequences. Let’s get to know Bret, his wife and fellow professor, and see how Evergreen State College became a personal hell for the duo.

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