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UPDATE: We hit our matching grant challenge. Thank you

UPDATE:  We had until the end of June to hit our  $2,500 matching grant challenge, Complete Colorado readers got us there early, hitting that goal on June 23.  Thanks to all who gave, and thanks to all who keep coming back to Complete.  You’re the best.

UPDATE: As of June 18 Complete Colorado readers have given $2,050 towards our $2,500 matching grant challenge!  Here’s the link to help get us over the top, please.  We’ll be sure and wash our hands after throwing money in the air.

UPDATE: We are closing in fast! Only halfway through June and already Complete Colorado readers have donated over $1,700 towards our $2,500 matching grant challenge.  Please consider helping us hit that match early by giving here.

Annoyingly enough, Complete Colorado’s reporters, columnists and staff all want to be paid in actual US dollars rather than our preferred currency of pats on the back and a muttered kind word.  The nerve of some people.  Fortunately, one generous reader has offered us a $2,500 matching grant!  That’s right, all we have to do is raise $2,500 by the end of June and we’ll get anther $2,500 to match it.  We like that math.

Fact is that there’s an entire staff working every day to bring you the most timely and relevant political news (updated twice a day) from around the state on Complete’s main page aggregator, as well as top-notch original reporting and commentary on our Page Two.   So please consider ladling a little gravy on the crew at Complete Colorado by following this link.  You will be giving to the Independence Institute, publisher of Complete Colorado, which makes your donation tax deductible. But rest assured that your giving will go specifically to the Complete Colorado news operation.

And as always, thanks for being a Complete reader, we hope you keep coming back.

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