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Loveland Senator tells Polis ‘time’s up,’ files joint resolution to revoke Governor’s disaster declaration

DENVER — Sen. Rob Woodward, R-Loveland notified Gov. Jared Polis Wednesday morning that he has filed a joint resolution to revoke Polis’ Disaster Emergency, which was declared March 26, and which has been renewed every 30 days since. The disaster declaration grants the governor additional emergency powers under state statute.

Rob Woodward

Woodward, along with co-sponsors Sen. Bob Rankin, R-Carbondale, Rep. Mark Baisley, R-Roxborough Park and Rep. Hugh McKean, R-Loveland, say it’s time for the governor to let them do their jobs. Republican Senators Bob Gardner, Dennis Hisey and Kevin Priola are also listed on bill that was filed Tuesday.

“The legislature allowed you significant leeway to respond to COVID-19,” Woodward said in communication to Polis, a copy of which was sent to Complete Colorado. “In March, you declared a Disaster Emergency that was supposed to last 30 days. You then renewed that declaration two more times through June 6. During that time, you have taken the liberty to assert many powers historically reserved to the legislature: amending and suspending statute, spending state money, and much more. Furthermore, some would argue that you have exceeded your executive authority and infringed upon the Liberties of the people of Colorado. Your time is up.”

The Joint Resolution terminating the declaration will restore the balance of power Coloradans deserve, Woodward said.

“Because you refuse to relinquish power on your own, this is the only path to bring an end to your overreach,” Woodward said. “It is time for you to go back to acting like the Chief Executive, and it is time for the General Assembly to reclaim its role as the representative legislature of the people.”

Woodward acknowledged in his notification that the state has a long road ahead, but emphasized that it is “important that each branch of government limits itself to only those powers delegated by the People. Only then can we join together to address the health, economic, justice, and civil unrest plaguing our state.”

The resolution outlines that Polis has issued at least 85 executive orders since March 26, in addition to several public health orders “that have had far-reaching effects on the people of Colorado, including but not limited to, directing stay-at-home orders, directing noncritical businesses to close, directing employers to reduce in-person work, suspending normal in-person instruction of students, ordering the temporary suspension of all voluntary or elective surgeries or procedures, and ordering the issuance of a public health order requiring certain Coloradans to wear non-medical mask coverings.”

It also covers several other directives under Polis that are legislative powers under state law. The declaration would be revoked upon passage of the resolution in both chambers. It does not require the governor’s signature; however, it does require the signatures of Speaker of the House, K.C. Becker and Senate President Leroy Garcia, both of whom are Democrats.

The full resolution can be found by clicking here.

JR20 Bill Paper by Sherrie A Peif on Scribd


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