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Jefferson County GOP sends allegations of voter fraud to DA; seeks access to scanned ballots

JEFFERSON COUNTY–In a Friday press release Denise Mund, Jefferson County Republican Party Chair, says there is evidence of potential voter fraud in the November election and she wants the District Attorney to investigate.

“After reviewing 2020 General Election records, Jeffco Republicans have given the District Attorney 3,000 records of potentially fraudulent voters,” says Mund. “These records include people who filed a National Change of Address yet still voted in Jeffco, are deceased, voted from a correctional facility, or were issued two voter ID numbers.”

Mund says she is also trying to get access to the ballots to audit them for discrepancies, but is encountering resistance from Jefferson County election officials.

“There are scanned ballot images for all of the records, and I want to run those through a different system and or do a hand recount,” Mund told Complete Colorado Friday. “I don’t want to use the Dominion system that they were run on initially because I don’t trust it.”

Mund says that some county clerks provide or even post the files with the scanned ballot images online for free, but says Jefferson County Director of Elections Cody Swanson wants $10,000 to provide some 380,000 digital ballot images to Mund.

Mund says Swanson was initially cooperative, answering written questions Mund submitted, but when Mund filed a Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) request for the ballot images, Swanson stopped communicating with her.

“I have retained an attorney to help with the CORA request,” said Mund. “The CORA was filed on December 3rd. Since then, we’ve been going back and forth.”

Complete Colorado contacted Tom Bjorklund of Grand Junction-based Tactical Data Solutions, the firm Mund retained to analyze Jefferson County voting records for signs of fraud.

Bjorklund described his analysis of Jefferson County voting and registration records to Complete Colorado, saying he ran multiple iterations of searches of multiple data files, including those from the Colorado Secretary of State, the United States Postal Service National Change of Address (NCOA) database, databases from the Social Security Administration and Department of Commerce death master files and online death notices to find as many instances of potentially illegal votes as possible on his limited budget.

Bjorklund says the NCOA database is supposed to be run against voter registration records regularly, including before an election.

“In fact, they claim they do this. In the records in their files I will see addresses. It’ll say inactive, and it’ll say reason. It’ll say NCOA. So I know that they do NCOA updates,” said Bjorklund. “But they obviously did not do it before this election, because if they had, these people would have never gotten a ballot in the first place.”

According to Bjorklund, through multiple search patterns of state and federal data files for the 381,360 Jefferson County ballots returned, he was able to winnow down the data to identify 6,336 instances where ballots were sent to a Colorado residence even though the NCOA showed a change to an out of state address.

Of those 6,336 ballots sent out, Bjorklund says 3,147 were marked, returned and counted.

Bjorklund could not speculate why signature verification on the ballot envelope might not have weeded out these ballots.

He said “one person 50 years older than the oldest person in the world was sent a ballot but did not vote.”

But he also says he found that 71 dead people in Jefferson County did vote in this election.

Jonah Hearne, data committee chair for the Jeffco GOP said, “I see that in the TDS report he sent, but the Jeffco voter file has 196 people tagged as deceased. 138 of those have a ballot return date.”

Mund told Complete Colorado that volunteers with the GOP did additional work with the deceased data file by referencing geneology websites and other online sources and came up with the additional ballots that appear to have been cast illegally.

While the Jeffco GOP alleges 138 dead people’s ballots were voted, that number is already being disputed.

ABC Channel 7 in Denver on Saturday reported having made background checks and phone calls to voters the GOP reports as being dead and found that three were in fact alive.  The Channel 7 article tacitly admits that ballots of dead voters were cast, saying that “some” (three) of the GOP-claimed dead voters aren’t dead. The article makes no mention of the results of any of the other inquiries they claim to have made.

Bjorklund say his analysis excludes absentee ballots and things like college students having ballots sent to their schools while maintaining Colorado residency and that he has “high confidence” that his analysis accurately targeted only ballots and voters who should not have been sent a ballot.

Investigating the claims will fall to incoming First Judicial District Attorney Alexis King, a Democrat, who takes over from incumbent Republican Pete Weir in January.


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