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Rosen: Every legal vote should count

“Despite no evidence of voter fraud, Georgia GOP proposes photo ID requirements for mail-in ballots.”  This was the headline over a recent Associated Press story, which like most of the dominant mass media has a liberal and pro-Democrat bias.  In fact, there have been cases of vote-counting errors, some unintended, others fraudulent.  The Heritage Foundation maintains a data base of documented cases at www.heritage.org/voterfraud.

Given human nature, voter fraud is as old as elections.  The relevant questions involve the degree of it and whether it made a difference in an election outcome.  Chicago’s “Democratic Machine” has been notorious for it.  Historians still debate whether the Machine “stole” the 1960 election from Richard Nixon, with John F. Kennedy winning Illinois by a scant 9,000 votes thanks to a suspiciously high victory margin of 450,000 votes in Cook County.  A joke circulating this year was about a Chicago woman who couldn’t believe that her father, a lifelong Republican, actually voted for Joe Biden, exclaiming, “He would never had done that if he were still alive.”

Claims that there’s “no evidence of voter fraud” in this election doesn’t mean serious voter fraud hasn’t occurred.  Analogously, in the case of an unsolved murder, although no definitive evidence may have been found to convict a suspected perpetrator, it doesn’t alter the fact there’s been a murder.  The main reason Democrats and media liberals say they haven’t seen voter fraud is that they don’t want to.  They despise Trump and don’t want a Biden victory to be overturned.  And spare me the platitude of unbiased, noble journalists.  What few remain are an endangered species, as demonstrated by the disgracefully biased and adversarial treatment of Trump by so-called journalists throughout his presidency.  They abandoned any pretense of journalistic integrity with the rationalization that destroying Trump was a duty to the country (along with their ideology and partisan loyalty to Democrats).

By contrast, recall the all-out investigative zeal of the Washington Post in digging up evidence to bring down Richard Nixon in the Watergate scandal, to the cheers and support of the liberal media hive.  Predictably, their delight in Biden’s victory neutered any investigative curiosity over voter fraud in 2020, while they seized on Watergate with a passion to defeat Nixon in 1972.  (To their great disappointment, despite Watergate hanging over his head and the shadow of the Vietnam War, Nixon defeated George McGovern in a landslide, 520 electoral votes to 17.)

Not to minimize Nixon’s complicity in Watergate, a stupid burglary compounded by a serious cover up, but the possible theft of the 2020 election by Democrats and their confederates is a crime of far greater magnitude.

Another theme in that biased AP story, was the Democrat fantasy of “voter suppression.”  This is their cynical tactic to defeat protections against voter fraud, like the requirement of a photo ID to register and vote.  They claim that imposes an unreasonable burden on young people, seniors and blacks; and assert that this is a ruse by Republicans to suppress likely Democrat voters.  That implies that young people, seniors and blacks lack the intelligence to acquire a photo ID, which is hardly rocket science.  What an outrageous ageist and racist slur!  Photo IDs are a necessity for everyone in our society today to drive, cash checks, travel by air and perform many other daily transactions of far lesser import than voting.  If you don’t drive, local governments will issue you a photo ID for other purposes and do so at no charge to the poor.

Because of COVID, an unprecedented number of 2020 ballots were submitted by mail.  Unlike Colorado, other states had no experience in processing and verifying such a high volume of mail-in votes, hence the risk of significant voting fraud, compounded by laxity in signature verification, outdated registration rolls and ballot harvesting by political activists.

We may never know the extent of voter fraud in the 2020 election.  President Biden’s Department of Justice is unlikely to pursue it, nor will the Democrat majority in the House.  If only to remove doubt, the Dominion Voting System should be thoroughly investigated.

Election integrity is vital and must be seriously addressed.  I have two suggestions.  1) Restore the practice of casting your vote on machines, in person, by citizens at precinct polling places, with exceptions only for U.S. military overseas and those who have valid reasons for not voting in person.  2) A federally-issued, high tech, secure national ID card required for voter registration and for presentation on election day (and for many other uses).

Longtime KOA radio talk host and columnist for the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News Mike Rosen now writes for CompleteColorado.com.


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