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Koncilja: ‘Environmental justice’ bill a debacle; Polis is right to oppose it

There is no “environmental justice” in Colorado Senate Bill 200. Crafted by state Sens. Faith Winter and Dominick Moreno and state Rep. Dominique Jackson in a back room with only the environmental community, SB 200 is bad climate policy, bad public policy and no friend of energy justice. Gov. Jared Polis is correct to promise a veto of this hot mess.

Reducing emissions and getting to a carbon-free world is hard and expensive. Keeping the lights and heat on while at the same time keeping rates reasonable is even harder. Most people cannot afford to replace their gas heat, stoves, or water heaters with electric appliances.

Reducing the emissions from the transportation sector is even harder because most people cannot afford an electric vehicle. Cost-effective electric trucks that can haul those goods over the mountains and across the plains are not available.

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