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Caldara: When will the woke mob come for MLK?

I write this as a prediction. So, please clip it and put it into a desk drawer, and by the end of this decade see if it comes true.

It is clear to me that in this world of cancel culture, one great American must be canceled: Martin Luther King Jr.

I remember when Ronald Reagan created Martin Luther King Jr. Day to not only recognize King’s incredible life but also his mission to end racial discrimination, to firmly anchor the goal of a colorblind America — an America where we all are judged by the content of our character, not the color of our skin

When Reagan pronounced that national holiday, he seemed to recognize a guiding star. America must get beyond race.

We must see people as individuals with their unique talents, skills, personalities, achievements. That must be the standard for which we strive.

Without belittling how much further we must go: America is closer to King’s vision than we have ever been.

Don’t believe me? Check out the data on the exponentially growing number of mixed-race marriages and children. This country is so bigoted that all these racists of different colors just can’t help but get down with one another. In generations to come almost all Americans could be racial mutts. To be racist will be to hate oneself.

No wonder why MLK is celebrated and memorialized everywhere.

There are roughly 1,000 streets named after Martin Luther King Jr. There are hundreds of schools named for him.

There is a little league team in Lubbock, Texas, named the MLK Little League. That same city has the Martin Luther King baseball park and MLK bingo, which donates funds to charity.

San Diego has the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Choir, and so on, and so on.

And we can only imagine how many statues there are of the man throughout the world.

Why must those statues be dumped in a landfill next to those of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson?

Quite simply there are two completely antithetical views of our nation: the socialist push for an America driven by identity politics, where we identify and pit ourselves against one another by race, and of King’s dream of a colorblind America. They cannot exist together.

You’ve heard terms celebrating our differences such as “intersectionality,” which reminds me of a game of Scrabble — some words get you double points, and some get you triple points. If you’re black, you get points. If you’re a black woman, you get double points. If you’re a black lesbian, you get triple points.

Value is set not by accomplishment or character. Value is leveraged by being a minority of a minority of a minority.

This new religion teaches us that you are not who you envision and create yourself to be. You are what your skin color is, what your genitals are, what you think your genitals should be, which God you pray to and with whom you go to bed.

For this movement to succeed Martin Luther King Jr. must be assassinated once more. He must be personally discredited, so his colorblind dream is discredited along with it.

How will it happen?

First, the left will release academic attack dogs to build the case that MLK didn’t really want a colorblind society, he instead wanted socialist “justice” and redistribution based on skin color. But those dogs won’t hunt.

Like Nixon, tapes could be his downfall.

Under J. Edgar Hoover, King was under near constant surveillance including having his phone lines, home and hotel rooms bugged. Those FBI tapes were sealed for 50 years in 1977. And 2027 is right around the corner.

The respected MLK biographer David Garrow made waves a couple of years ago after studying what written FBI files were released. He signaled a very ugly side to King.

According to Garrow, MLK had copious extramarital affairs, coerced women into sexual acts, cheered on a friend as he raped a woman, and hinted King might have sexually assaulted women.

I can’t speak on the validity of these charges. But when (and if) the audiotapes are released, assuming any of the accusations are proved, the canceling will commence.

MLK will join the league of canceled dead men like Jefferson and Washington in hopes that destroying the man will destroy his achievements.

Jon Caldara is president of the Independence Institute, a free market think tank in Denver.


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