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Rep. Lauren Boebert leading a charge against Biden’s ‘disinformation’ board; calls it a hill to die on

DENVER — Rep. Lauren Boebert is penning a bill in Congress that she hopes will stop a new federal “Disinformation Governance Board,” to be overseen by the Department of Homeland Security.  The Biden-backed board was quickly tagged as the “Ministry of Truth” by its critics, a reference to one of the government ministries in George Orwell’s dystopian novel “1984.”

According to Fox News, Boebert, the Republican congresswoman who represents Colorado’s  3rd Congressional District, an area that covers nearly all the western half of the state from Wyoming on the north to New Mexico on the south, has drafted legislation that would defund the new board.

“This kind of stuff is terrifying,” Boebert told Fox News Digital. “We in Congress have the power of the purse. It is our duty to shut down this department immediately.”

Boebert Tweeted out that this is “Stalin and Mao level.” The new board would essentially sanction the ability of appointed officials to subjectively decide what is and what is not “truthful.”

“I don’t think people are fully understanding the severity of what a Ministry of Truth organized by DHS truly means,” she said in her Tweet. “This is the hill to die on.”

Boebert’s bill is entitled “Protecting Free Speech Act.”

The two-page act simply calls for the termination of the board and bars use of federal dollars to fund any similar program.

Boebert called on Republican leadership in the House of Representatives to support her effort to defund the board as well as support the ouster of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Rep. Thomas Massie, a Republican from Kentucky, announced on Thursday he is signing on to the bill as a co-sponsor, “I assume the DGB is going to be tasked with spreading disinformation,” quipped Massie in a Tweet.

Rep. Ken Buck, R-Windsor, who combined with Boebert represents more area of Colorado than the other five congressional representatives combined, recently called Mayorkas a traitor during testimony on Capitol Hill and also called for his removal.

“Americans are mad,” Buck said to Mayorkas. “And they are particularly mad at you.  When I listen to constituents in my district, they believe you have intentionally made our border less secure. … You have allowed thousands of pounds of fentanyl to come into this country. … The Americans I speak to believe you have intentionally undermined the mission of the Department of Homeland Security. (My constituents) don’t believe you’ve committed a high crime or misdemeanor. My constituents want you impeached because they believe you’ve committed treason.”

Buck represents nearly all the eastern half of Colorado from Wyoming on the north to New Mexico on the south.

Homeland Security claims it will primarily use the board to counter information from Russia and human smugglers it claims is disinformation.

“No tax dollars should go to where Biden can use the power of the federal government to silence truthful stories like Big Tech did with the Hunter Biden story,” Boebert told Fox.


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