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Rosen: Left exploits mass shootings for political gain

Just ten days after the Buffalo supermarket shooting, yet another deranged sociopath struck a school in Uvalde, Texas. Predictably, anti-gun liberals instantly exploited that calamity to advance their political agenda and attack their enemies.

Liberals don’t hold the killers exclusively to blame, they’re just the helpless victims of a mental disorder. No, it’s mostly the fault of society, guns, the NRA, defenders of the 2nd Amendment, and, of course, Fox News.

After Peyton Gendron shot up the supermarket in Buffalo on May 14, liberal media vultures swooped down on Tucker Carlson, a Fox News commentator whose crime is to offer opinions on public policy and politics from a conservative perspective.

President Clinton used the same tactic when he blamed Rush Limbaugh for the Oklahoma City bombing. In another incident, Rep. Gabby Giffords was hosting a gathering of constituents in Tucson when a shooter attacked, killing six and wounding  Giffords and several others. The New York Times seized that opportunity to blame Sarah Palin who had drawn up a political map that used a symbol, wrongly described as a bull’s eye, to “target” 20 congressional districts the GOP could win in the midterms.

Gendron, like the Unabomber, wrote a hate-filled, incoherent 180-page manifesto. His screed made no mention of Carlson. On the contrary, he described himself as an “ethno-nationalist eco-fascist national socialist,” who particularly hates libertarians and conservatives. He professed his ultra-radical environmentalism and railed against corporate profits and the wealth of the top 1%. Those views are a lot closer to Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and AOC than Tucker Carlson.

Gendron’s only mention of Fox News was to demean hosts Maria Bartiromo and Greg Gutfeld because they’re Jews. He also attacked Ben Shapiro, who he labels a “rat” example of Jewish people. Illustrations in the manifesto depicted “demonic” Jews with oversized hook-noses along with disgusting, animalistic caricatures of blacks. Not just anti-Semitic, he’s a racist white-supremacist intent on murdering blacks (then dealing with the Jews later) and banning immigration.

Gendron also rails against what he termed the “Great Replacement” plot to overwhelm America and its electorate with third world immigrants. Chris Hayes, one of the stable of radical left-wingers on MSNBC, seized on that statement to link Gendron with Carlson, Fox News, Republicans, and white people on the right. Nonsense, they and I aren’t anti-immigration. What we oppose is illegal and unlimited immigration.

Progressives, Biden, and Congressional Democrats aren’t secretly plotting a “great replacement” to flood the electorate with Latino immigrants. It’s no secret. They’re already doing it in plain sight. They and the liberal media have enthusiastically cheered demographic census projections of a “brown wave” making whites in the U.S a minority by 2045.  Is that the ultimate goal of multiculturalism?  If so, why?

They believe when these immigrants become citizens, they’ll return the favor with their votes, assuring Democrats electoral control in perpetuity. That’s why they invite multitudes to come here, legally or illegally, undermine border security, hand-cuff  ICE and our Border Patrol, release illegal migrants into the country on their own recognizance, and transport them to the interior. (Perhaps, recent GOP gains among Latinos may disappoint Democrats.)

Biden, who ran as a “uniter,” has become an inflamer, instead, when he carelessly throws around the term “white supremacists.” That invective should be reserved for actual Neo-Nazis, what’s left of the KKK, Aryan Nation or The Order (the assassins who murdered Alan Berg, 40 years ago.) This amounts to a tiny fraction of whites in America, contrary to the ravings of anti-white woke racists who brand anyone not ashamed of being white as a white supremacist. I’m certainly not ashamed of being white, nor am I proud of  it. It’s just a skin color. People should be proud, or ashamed, of how they’ve lived their life and what they’ve accomplished, not just a chance of birth.

Regarding school shootings, every one of them is an egregious human tragedy. But that doesn’t make us a sick society. Of a population of 335 million, these are heinous acts committed by only a handful of psychopaths. And gun control isn’t the answer to school safety. That’s “mommy make them stop,” knee-jerk, wishful thinking that only serves the purpose of feeling like you’re “doing something.” Committed killers will circumvent gun laws and regulations.

The only realistic, effective defense is to fortify schools with a team of private, permanent, armed security personnel; secure school entry; and surveillance cameras. That’d be expensive, but as timid liberals plead about almost any policy, “Even it would save only one life, wouldn’t it be worth it?”

Longtime KOA radio talk host and columnist for the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News Mike Rosen now writes for


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